They’re not off to a good start. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 05, 2017

The Giants may have found Eli Manning’s successor in rookie Davis Webb, but if Manning is going to show Webb the ropes before handing him the reins they’ll have to get past a little bump in the road first. 

Just a few minutes after the Giants picked Webb in the third round of last week’s draft, Manning picked up the phone to introduce himself. It was just a little bit awkward. 

“I just wanted to welcome him to the team, let him know if he has any questions or needs anything in the next few days, I was here for him,” Manning told “He responded to that with, ‘Yes, sir.’ I told him we were off to a bad start. Please do not refer to me as sir. I appreciate the manners, but we’re teammates. I was always taught the same thing. Anyone older than me, I have to call them sir. But hopefully, we straightened that out.”

So he wants to be called “Mr. Manning,” then?

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