A fond(ish) farewell to Jay Cutler. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 05, 2017

The NFL said goodbye to one its favorite punching bags on Friday when Jay Cutler was reportedly hired by Fox to do TV work. Bears fans won’t miss him but we will. Here are the five reasons why. 

The faces

His brief flashes of brilliance

As much as we love to bag on Cutler, he actually was a talented quarterback (at times). Yes, there were interceptions—a lot of them—but when he made the right decisions, as rare as that was, he could be great.

Take this 2008 game against the Chargers, for example. Cutler’s Broncos were down a touchdown with 4:22 to go when he marched down the length of field, completing seven of nine passes for 82 yards, including a four-yard touchdown to Eddie Royal. Down one, Denver opted to go for two, and Cutler converted it with a brilliant pass into triple coverage.

But it wouldn’t be a Jay Cutler game without something like this.

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The interceptions

Jay Cutler threw so, so many interceptions—146 of them, to be exact. That’s the sixth-most among quarterbacks who were active through 2016. (All the guys above him on that list have played at least 36 more games than Cutler.)

But it’s not just the number of picks Cutler threw, it’s when he threw them. His magnum opus was Oct. 24, 2010, against the Redskins when DeAngelo Hall picked Cutler off four times. But wait, it gets worse. The first of Hall’s interceptions came with 9:05 left in the third quarter. Hang on, it gets even worse. Hall’s second interception was returned 92 yards for a touchdown. I’m sorry, but there’s still room for this to get worse. Hall’s pick-six wound up being the game-winning score.

Kristin Cavallari rushing to his defense

Cutler has dealt with a lot of crap during his 11 years in the NFL but his wife has always had his back. 

There was the time everyone thought Cutler was faking a knee injury.

There was the time Cutler returned from injury and led the Bears to an impressive win over the Vikings. 

And then there was the time everyone called Cutler fat

She might have to defend him against viewers who diss his analysis, but it just won’t be the same. 

Mike Glennon

Let’s be honest, for all Cutler’s failings, he’s definitely better than Mike Glennon. 

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