It looked like the end of days. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 08, 2017

Everything is going just great for the Cubs today. 

They rang in Monday in Chicago, losing an 18-inning marathon to the Yankees, then took off for Denver, where they’re scheduled to take on the Rockies. And what greeted them when the Cubbies arrived at the ballpark? A thunderstorm of truly epic proportions. 

The storm was so powerful that it left the entire field covered in a thick blanket of hail. 

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The grounds crew quickly got to work on the backbreaking task of shoving the ice pellets off the field, while the players decided to have a little fun. 

If you think that was bad, check out the scenes from before a Rockies-Jays game last June

Incredibly, with two hours to go before first pitch, the team believed the game would go on as planned. But then another storm rolled through and the game was delayed before eventually being postponed. 

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