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Charles Barkley: "Thank God for the NHL playoffs"

Charles Barkley on TNT: "Thank God for the NHL playoffs"
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It's no surprise that Charles Barkley isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds him, but he certainly pushed the envelope on Monday night.

Following the Warriors sweep of the Jazz with a 125-91 win, Barkley didn't try to sugarcoat the state of the NBA's postseason, which has lacked major excitement thanks to blowout after blowout. 

"Thank God for the NHL playoff," Barkley said on the NBA on TNT postgame show. "That's what I be watching in the back instead of these blowouts."

A clearly unamused Ernie Johnson must have been thinking about the league and the TNT higher-ups because he simply responded to Barkley with, "Well, whatever."

Barkley was an equal opportunity offender during the segment. Earlier, he expressed relief that TNT was airing the Eastern Conference final this season because he doesn't think the Western Conference final can be competitive thanks to Golden State's dominance.

"Thank God we don't have the Western Conference this year," Barkley said. When asked why by his co-hosts, Sir Charles replied, "The East got a chance of being competitive. 

Johnson then asked Barkley who had a better shot against Golden State, Houston or San Antonio.

Without missing a beat, Barkley replied, "Zero plus zero is zero."


ESPN will air the Western Conference final.