The Oilers’ playoff run is causing a bunch of pee-related problems

Oilers fans really have to pee. 
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The people of Edmonton are thrilled that Oilers are still in the NHL playoffs. But they also have to pee. 

This is the Oilers’ first season in their new home and they’re learning the hard way that the new building isn’t quite equipped for playoff crowds. Specifically, the bathrooms are a major issue. Fans started complaining at the start of the playoffs that the lines for the bathroom were too long. The “solution” was to sacrifice women’s rooms and turn them into men’s rooms, fixing one problem by creating another. 

Finding a safe place to empty their bladder isn’t just an issue for the 18,000-ish people in the arena, either. Downtown Edmonton is dealing with a spate of public urination complaints. 

“Many of these fans participate in the Canadian tradition of mixing various amounts of beer and or other beverages with spectatorship,” city councilman Scott McKeen said during a meeting Tuesday, according to the CBC. “Unfortunately for downtown residents that I'm hearing from, inevitable fluid dynamics results in less-than-civil behaviour.”

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Game 7 of the Ducks-Oilers series will be played Wednesday night in Anaheim but fans are still expected to gather in droves in Downtown Edmonton, where officials have made arrangements for additional public bathrooms. There will also be a sold-out crowd inside the arena to watch the broadcast. 

Hopefully the streets of Edmonton will run yellow with celebratory urine on Wednesday night, rather than mournful urine.