Mitchell Trubisky rolled up to his first day of work in his grandma’s car

The reason why is a little weird. 
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Mitchell Trubisky just landed his first job but he hasn’t signed a contract yet. So it’s not that surprising that he would show up to his first day of work in the car drove in college—his grandma’s old 1997 Toyota Camry, with over 170,000 miles—what is a little surprising is that the Bears’ GM asked him to. 

Here’s what the scene looked like when Trubisky, the second pick in this year’s NFL draft, reported to Bears minicamp on Thursday. 


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Professional athletes, they’re just like us!

But Trubisky wasn’t just driving his old car because he doesn’t have any money. Chicago general manager Ryan Pace liked the humble ride when he saw Trubisky walk out to it after a pre-draft meeting in Chapel Hill. 

“When general manager Ryan Pace saw the car, he learned a little something about Trubisky,” CBS Chicago’s Chris Emma wrote. Was it that NCAA athletes aren’t paid enough to buy cars that were built in the last 20 years? Probably not. Whatever the case may be, Pace told Trubisky he had to drive that car to Chicago if the Bears ended up taking him. 

“I don’t care if you have to change the engine, but you’ve got to keep the shell,” Pace told Trubisky, according to Emma.

Obviously, the car did make it to the shores of Lake Michigan. And now Trubisky has something to point to when asking Pace for a bigger signing bonus.