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Insult to injury. Adriana Lima and Matt Harvey's ex bond on Instagram

Adriana Lima and Matt Harvey's ex bond on Instagram

The hits keep coming for Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey.

The right-hander returned to the mound Friday night from a three-game suspension for failing to show up to a game last Saturday. He allowed five earned runs in five innings (as well as three home runs) and took the loss as the Mets got thumped by the Brewers, 7-4.

Harvey is now 2-3 with a 5.63 ERA for the season.

While all that was going on in Milwaukee, Adriana Lima was on Instagram "following" and "liking" a photo from one of Harvey's many model ex-girlfriends.

Reports say Harvey was so distraught over seeing Lima, who he had been dating, with her ex, Patriots wideout, Julian Edelman a few days earlier, that it sent him into a tailspin and caused him to miss last Satuday's game.

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Curiously, on Friday night, Lima liked this photo that was posted by model Ania Cywinska, who dated Harvey in 2015.

Lima then twisted the knife in Harvey's back by following on Cywinska.


Ah, the perils of dating in the social media age...