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Monday's Hot Clicks: Thais Vieira; Enormous sumo wrestlers make little babies cry

In Monday's Hot Clicks, sumo wrestlers make babies cry and a look at the lovely Thais Vieira.

Big sumo wrestlers make little babies cry


Sports has some strange traditions. I thought nothing could top Detroit Red Wings fans throwing dead octopuses on the ice, until I came across the "crying Sumo." In a nutshell, 150 babies under the age of two enter the ring in their tiny sumo belts and aprons. The sumo wrestlers all hold a baby and the first one who cries is declared the winner. It happened Sunday in Sagamihara (a little west of Tokyo) and the photos are amazing. 

Scenes from Derek Jeter Night

The Yankees retired Derek Jeter's No. 2 jersey and gave him a plaque in Monument Park. Here's a bunch of other interesting Jeter items: Mike Schur (who will always be Mose to me) makes a strong case that Jeter is totally overrated ... The Rockies were high on Jeter, at least according to a 1992 scouting report ... Michael Jordan wrote Jeter a tribute letter, which came off much better than A-Rod's video.

Anna Horford is not a Draymond Green fan

I interview Al Horford's outspoken sister, Anna. She had a lot to say about Boston radio hosts, LeBron James and growing up in a basketball family. She also called Draymond Green a douche, which I have a hard time arguing with. Check it out.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Thais Vieira is a Brazilian-born model currently living in Boston, which is weird because when I used live in Boston, I don't remember seeing girls who look like Thais. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

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Great moments in wedding proposals

An Australian couple was engaged after the guy broke open the necklace he gave his girlfriend 18 months ago to find a wedding ring hidden inside. She had no idea. 

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Odds & ends

Is Adriana Lima just trolling Matt Harvey at this point? ... Mia Khalifa tried trolling Isaiah Thomas but it didn't work out very well ... How well do you know Derek Jeter? Take our quiz and find out ... Skip Bayless is mildly insane, example No. 352 ... ​Beth Mowins will handle play-by-play duties for Chargers-Broncos game on Sept. 11 ... ​I love watching NBA players dominate streetball games in NYC ... Athletes paid tribute to their mom on Mother's Day ... Safe to say Gregg Popovich is not a Donald Trump fan ...James Harden met his beard twin ... The 2016-17 TV season hasn't been very good ... Prince's musical vault is starting to open ... Melissa McCarthy joined the SNL five-time host club. Who else holds that distinction?

Even more Derek Jeter

Doris Burke nails Pop interview


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