If you're not following Brett Lawrie on Instagram, you're missing out.

By Jimmy Traina
May 17, 2017

While it's pretty common knowledge that The Rock dominates Instagram like no other, we want to make sure you are aware of Brett Lawrie's account.

Lawrie, who played for the A's, Blue Jays and White Sox during his six-year Major League career, was released by Chicago during spring training. Judging by his Instagram page, he's managed to still have fun in a big way. It seems his days are filled with golf, swimming, his dog and music. Fortunately for us, Lawrie has also mastered the art of making highly amusing Instagram videos. 

Let us show you how Lawrie uses Instagram like a pro and spends his time.

• He expresses his frustration with being out of baseball, but manages to do so while showing off his workout skills.


• He does an outstanding Daniel LaRussa impression (in slow motion, no less).


• He posts ridiculous photos.


• He holds his dogs hand while playing a Beatles classic.

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• He spends time at the pool rocking out to Shania Twain.


• He drains 3s in the pool.


• He performs golf tricks.


• He shows excellent form while doing jackknife.


• He does a heavy metal version of Salt Bae.


• And then there's this.


We hope for Lawrie's sake that a Major League team calls him soon, but we also hope Lawrie doesn't deny us the amusing videos if he returns to baseball.

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