Cavaliers-Celtics Game 4 betting line comes down after Boston win

By Jimmy Traina
May 22, 2017

For Game 3 on Sunday, the Celtics were the biggest underdog in an conference finals game in 20 years: 17 points. 

At one point, Boston was down 21 points and it looked liked all the Cavaliers bettors were going to coast to a profit. As you know, things didn't work out that way. The Celtics erased the deficit and won the game at the buzzer, 111-108.

According to William Hill US, Nevada's largest sports book, that comeback paid off in a massive way for one bettor who decided to pass on taking the 17 points and just bet the Celtics straight up.

By passing on the points, the gutsy (or insane) invididual turned $1,000 into $17,000.

For Game 4 on Tuesday, the Cavaliers are 14-point favorites against the Celtics. 



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