Cody Rhodes bodyslams fan onto thumb tacks for charity

By Jimmy Traina
May 22, 2017

At least it was for charity.

During a WrestlePro event in New Jersey on Saturday, a very exuberant fan in the crowd asked Cody Rhodes how much it would cost if the wrestler could slam him onto thumb tacks.

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Rhodes, who left the WWE in a year ago, was going to do a post-match meet-and-greet for fans who missed the one he had done prior to the event because they were stuck in traffic. When the fan made his request, Rhodes said he'd perform the bodyslame if all the money generated from the meet-and-greet went to charity. Rhodes also said he'd match the amount.

All parties involved agreed to the terms and Rhodes delivered the move.

The slam led to $1,404 being donated to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital by WrestlePro and Rhodes.


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