Pit bull puppy trapped inside tire rim gets happy ending

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Jade was in a tight spot — that one her owners had a wheel-y hard time getting her out of.

They called 911, the fire department and animal rescue groups, according to a post on the Blue Pearl Vets website, but they couldn’t find someone to lend a hand.

“We told them to come right in,” said Jenny Davis, an advanced veterinary technician at Philadelphia’s Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, who helped free the dog this past weekend.

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“Jade was bright and alert but she was extremely exhausted,” Davis described in the post. “She was just so worked up and anxious from being stuck in there.”

The pit bull puppy had somehow put her head through the rim of a car’s tire, but couldn’t easily be pulled out — and, as you can imagine, the whole situation was stressful for the young pup.

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Calm was what this cutie needed, so she was sedated and the VSEC team — consisting of Davis, Dr. Arielle Camp and more — was able to slip it off her head as soon as she relaxed.

“Thanks to you that tragic story had a happy ending,” the dog’s owner, Jasmine Williams, said in a statement.

In pure puppy fashion, Jade bounced back quickly. She received some steroids to help ease the swelling around her neck and was wagging her tail within an hour, according to VSEC.

This story originally appeared on People.com.