Buccaneers coach issues super serious apology for team’s funny tweet

Lighten up, dude. 
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Social media interactions between two sports teams are rarely funny but what the Bucs did to the Falcons this week actually was funny. 

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The 28–3 reference (Falcons fans... don’t read this) is just subtle enough to actually be humorous. Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, however, does not find it funny. 

Before Koetter addressed the media Thursday afternoon, he decided to set the record straight. He put on his straightest face and clarified, in no uncertain terms, that jokes are not funny. 

“I want to make sure, on behalf of the Bucs organization, that I apologize to the Falcons,” Koetter said. "Whatever it was supposed to be that went out on social media yesterday, that's not what our organization is all about. That was totally unprofessional and not smart on our part, whoever was responsible for that. Heck, we want to be playing in the Super Bowl, and we were home sitting on our butt while they were playing. We have no room to be making fun of anybody that was in the Super Bowl, whether they won or not.”

No one should take tweets that seriously.