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The Nationals' ace is happy to let you know what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps.

By Jon Tayler
June 07, 2017

Max Scherzer is an intense man. You would be too if you had two differently colored eyes and could throw 95 mph and struck out everyone all the time. But on Tuesday night against the Dodgers, the Nationals' righthander and defending National League Cy Young took his competitive spirit ... to the max. (Sorry.)

For those not adept at lip reading, that's Scherzer directing a string of expletives at ... well, no one in particular. That's just apparently how he pumps himself up to pitch: by dropping f-bombs to himself as he winds up.

Scherzer is more than just a man of many curse words, though. He's also patently insane.

Motivated by all that seething anger, Scherzer struck out 14 Dodgers in seven innings—his 55th career game with 10 or more punchouts, the most of any active pitcher—to help the Nationals pick up the win, 2–1, and probably a whole lot of FCC viewer complaints as well.

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