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Watch: Alex Rodriguez gives terrible effort on 'Don't Stop Believin' with J-Lo

Alex Rodriguez did not look comfortable belting out Journey's classic song with Jennifer Lopez.

If you follow Alex Rodriguez on any form of social media, you know that he is having the time of his life dating Jennifer Lopez.

That doesn't mean, though, that he's comfortable enough to go all out when it comes to singing and dancing.

Before one of Lopez's shows in Vegas this weekend, the singer's dressing room was filled with people sang along to, Don't Stop Believin.'

Unfortunately for A-Rod, he was that person who had to keep checking the words (on an iPad, no less) while singing from the couch while everyone else was busting a move.

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He did try to loosen up just a tad while belting out one line, but he still totally came across as "the awkward karaoke guy."

Clearly A-Rod needs to take a lesson from Tony Romo. THIS is how you perform the Journey classic.

That's how it's done.