Red Sox star Mookie Betts wants your help to pick a postgame victory dance

Boston's "Win, Dance, Repeat" outfield celebration needs some fresh new moves.
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If you're a Red Sox fan, you're familiar with the postgame celebration dubbed "Win, Dance, Repeat" that the outfield trio of Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi and Jackie Bradley Jr. does after every Boston win. For those not in the know: The whole thing consists of the three coming together in the outfield, bowing to each other, hitting dem folks and then ceding the spotlight to the player who had the best game, who then gets to show off a dance move as the others pretend to film it.

This ESPN piece from spring training gets into the genesis and evolution of the celebration, which began last year, but after a season-plus of dances including The Ski Jump (as done by Bradley), The Stanky Leg (courtesy reserve outfielder Chris Young), The Carlton (Betts' contribution) and a flawless Michael Jackson impersonation by Benintendi, Betts thinks his group needs some fresh new moves. So he's asking you, the fan, to help him out.

Plenty of suggestions have already been thrown out there (my personal favorite is the dude suggesting Hingle McCringleberry's three thrusts celebration), but if I had a vote, it'd be this: the entirety of the "Thriller" video.

Please note that this should expand beyond the outfield to include the entire team doing the synchronized zombie dance after a win. Also, someone needs to do the Vincent Price voiceover as it happens.

Anyway, if you have any sick steps that Betts and the Red Sox should consider, hit him up on Twitter.