Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Michelle Leon; Mattel gave Ken a man bun and it's horrible

In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, we try and figure out why Mattel gave Ken a man bun. Plus a look at the lovely Michelle Leon.
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The Ken doll now has a man bun and I don't blame Barbie if she looks for another man


The Ken doll has been updated for 2017 and the results are not pretty. According to, "Mattel introduced 15 new Ken dolls with two new body types, slim and broad. Ken will also get seven new skin tones and nine new hairstyles, including cornrows, a fade and a man bun." I'm all for change, but Ken does not need a man bun. Nobody needs a man bun. BroBible has a hilarious take on the whole situation. 


​Social media went wild yesterday with the fun #FirstGifComesUpForYourName game, which is fairly self-explanatory. We did it with some of our favorite athletes and Vince McMahon is easily my favorite.

Hawks, Hornets make epic trade

No, I'm not talking about the big Dwight Howard swap (which Charlotte won, by the way). We're talking about the trade involving future tweets and Snapchat puppy filter, of course.

Lovely Lady of the Day

It's Wednesday and Michelle Leon is the girl I'm featuring. Sorry, LLOD creativity is a little low today (click for full-size gallery).

One guy. Seven girls.

This guy was dating seven girls at once, and got busted because of a Snapchat snafu.

Was Kim Kardashian's butt photoshopped to look bigger?

That's her contention, and as much as I hate to admit it, she might be right.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

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Want these shoes

Kawhi ditches the braids

Odds & ends

The NBA Draft is tomorrow and here are the needs for all 30 teams ... Triple H surprised a London cop who stopped a terror attack with WWE title belt ... Nobody is a bigger Packer fan than the new Mr. Packer ... Twitter went wild with news of a possible Kristaps Porzingis trade ... Sammy Sosa looks much different these days ... Warren Sapp will donate his brain for concussion research ... Keyshawn Johnson Jr. is taking an indefinite leave from Nebraska ... I can't think of anything worse for a guy to wear ... Daniel Day Lewis has retired from acting ...  Burger King and Lucky Charms teamed up to create a magical shake.

Sportsman of the Year nominee

My new favorite baseball player

Happy Kobe, Angry Kobe

Good handle. One too many moves.

Darren Sproles: The Pop Warner days

Needle and the Damage Done

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