Lonzo Ball says he has enough rap songs for a mixtape

Lonzo Ball says he has enough rap songs for a mixtape.
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Former UCLA guard Lonzo Ball has been the talk of the NBA draft and seems to consume all things basketball.

But Ball, who is expected to be one of the top players selected in Thursday's draft, says if he wasn't a basketball player, he would be a rapper.

He spoke to SI.com's Jake Fischer before the draft about that topic and below is part of the conversation:

JF: If you weren’t a professional basketball player, what would you do for a career?

LB: “I’d be a rapper. I got a lot of tracks, I just ain’t dropped them yet, to be honest.”

JF: Really? How many do you have?

LB: “Enough for a tape. I got a close friend who raps. The only remix we did was the one we put out, to be honest. All of the rest of them are original. I write when I get bored, when I have nothing to do.”

JF: Is that something Big Baller Media is one day going to work on?

LB: “I think it would be fun, yeah.”

Reservoir SVP of Creative and Business Development Faith Newman recently told SI Now that Ball could have a future in rap.

"I actually think he is pretty talented," Newman said. "From what I've heard. It's about being clever with your wordplay, metaphors, delivery, tone. I think he's not bad. "