LaVar Ball's dad says his son could beat MJ one-on-one

LaVar Ball's dad says his son could beat MJ one-on-one.
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Another day. Another seemingly ridiculous quote from someone from the Ball family. 

We have all heard LaVar Ball's claim that he could be Michael Jordan when he was younger. Thankfully, the internet dug up some old newspaper column from when Ball played at Washington State from his former coach Kelvin Sampson.

"We could lock LaVar in a barn for two hours and I don't think he'd score 20 points," Sampson told the Lewiston Tribune in 1988. "His role is not to score points."

Now, it's time from the father of LaVar Ball to get in on the hot takes.

TMZ (who else?) caught up with LaVar Ball's father recently and asked him if his son could beat Jordan one–on–one when both were in prime shape. 

"Yes. When he was younger and he was 6'6'', 270, I would've put him against anybody."

Uh, huh. If you say so. 

Of course, his grandson, Lonzo, was drafted with the second overall pick in last week's NBA draft.