The Cubs' Albert Almora apparently has a special message for President Trump

Albert Almora's trip to the White House may have included a not-so-nice gesture toward the president.
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The Cubs visited the White House today for a second time since their 2016 World Series win, and while today's trip wasn't a formal celebration—that already happened with President Barack Obama last year—this was a chance for players and coaches to meet President Donald Trump. Much has been made of the team's decision to meet with Trump—see manager Joe Maddon insisting that this was not a political act—in the wake of the Golden State Warriors' debate over making the trek to Washington, D.C., but most Cubs were mum about spending time with the classiest, most successful and most tremendous president in the world, and folks, you know it's true.

Not every Cubs player was in attendance; those that did were able to get some photos taken with the president, including reserve outfielder Albert Almora, who told reporters beforehand, "I just look at it as it’s not every day you get to meet the President of the United States. And in a year I get to meet two." But while greeting Trump, he appeared to make his feelings about the president and his administration visible to all.

Not pictured: Almora asking Trump if he can hear him, then telling him he'll turn it up.

UPDATE: As SB Nation's Grant Brisbee points out, Almora's bird flip might be the result of a slight optical illusion. We'll let you decide if this is fake news.