Hawks adding barbershop to arena

But the Hawks' plans didn't stop there. They also added a club. And a golf simulator.
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Why get fresh before the game when you can get fresh at the game?

The Hawks are teaming with rapper Killer Mike to add a barbershop to Philips Arena. Never again will you have to choose between getting a haircut and attending a Hawks game. Wednesday, the Hawks unveiled their plans to renovate Philips Arena, and a barbershop is part of the blueprint. 

The "S.W.A.G. Shop" is just one of many renovations the Hawks will be looking to make to Philips Arena.

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But the new Philips Arena will be more than just a place for uncles to debate who the GOAT is.

There will also be a club.

And have suites to play golf.

The Hawks started the renovations June 20, according to the Associated Press. The AP also reports the arena will be closed for four months leading up to next season, and the renovations are scheduled to be complete before the 2018-19 season.