New Zealand rugby streaker asks fans to pay his fine for him, hardly anyone donates

He has a major case of streakers’ remorse. 
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If you’re going to commit a premeditated crime, you’d better be willing to pay the price. (Or at least Google the law beforehand.)

A man who went streaking at a rugby game in New Zealand this weekend has realized what a terrible mistake he made and is leaning on the charity of strangers to get out of it. 

The unnamed 23-year-old dashed onto the field in the waning moments of Saturday’s match in Auckland between the All Blacks and British & Irish Lions and video of his short jaunt went viral in New Zealand. He explained in a radio interview this week that he was pressured into the stunt by the people around him, including his father. 

What the guy apparently didn’t know at the time was that streaking carries a fine of up to 5,000 New Zealand dollars ($3,653 in U.S. dollars). Now he has a major case of streakers’ remorse and has set up a crowdfunding page to cover the cost of his fine. Here is the unassailable logic he’s using to convince people to bail him out: 

Just think - if you were happy to pay $400 for 80 minutes of rugby, that is $5 a minute.. So could you spare another dollar for that extra 30 seconds of entertainment?

He won’t know exactly how big the fine is until he goes to court on Friday and he better hope the judge takes it easy on him because so far the crowdfunding effort has been a flop. In the four days since it was posted, 53 donors have given $537.82.