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Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number and this poor guy got hundreds of calls

"Is this Jimmy Butler?" "No this is Michael."
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Calling the wrong phone number is generally a bit awkward for both parties. Now imagine if that happened to one person more than 100 times in a day.

According to NBC 5 Chicago, that is the reality for Evanston, Ill., resident Michael Byrne, who has a phone number one digit off of the one Jimmy Butler gave out at his introductory press conference for the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday.

"At first I heard my phone going off a bunch," Byrne told NBC 5 Chicago. "When I checked it, I already had 37 missed calls."

According to NBC, Byrne received more than 100 voicemails and more than 150 text messages from fans thinking they were reaching out to the former Chicago Bulls All-Star. And despite living just north of Chicago, Byrne didn't even know who Butler was and had to Google him to it figure out, according to NBC.

WATCH: Jimmy Butler gives out phone number at press conference

Maybe Byrne could just stay low for a while and enjoy a few days without constantly looking at his phone? One big problem: He's currently waiting to hear back from jobs about employment opportunities, according to NBC, so he is left to take all the calls that he can and then explain to fans they have the wrong number.

Byrne told NBC he tried to reach out to the Timberwolves to see if they could help, but an operator told him there wasn't much they could do. Byrne also said he tried to reach out to Butler with the correct phone number, but was unable to get through.

I can only think of one other phone mix up that was more disappointing for the callers and more irritating for the receiver.

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