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Utah Jazz fans burn Gordon Hayward jerseys

Jazz fans burn Gordon Hayward jerseys after he signs with the Boston Celtics.

It is deep in the middle of NBA free agency so that means players will exercise their right to switch teams in order to compete for championships or make more money. 

And of course, this choice that every citizen has a right to make will upset basketball fans for some reason.

The jersey burning hatred of this free agent period belongs to guard Gordon Hayward, who took his talents east to join the Boston Celtics after spending his first seven seasons with the Utah Jazz.

Some fans took to social media to burn jerseys that they probably paid big money for and posted under the original hashtag #betrayward.

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Hayward signed a four-year, $127.8 million deal and as soon as he made his announcement on the Players Tribune, fans took their lighters and instead of popping fireworks took to burning Hayward's jersey.