Play through the whistle. 

By Dan Gartland
July 05, 2017

Adam Ghitelman didn’t have a fun Fourth of July. The Atlanta Blaze goalie gave up 18 goals in a loss to the Denver Outlaws—none more embarrassing than the one he let in at the end of the third quarter. 

Ghitelman’s Denver counterpart, Jack Kelly, made a nice defensive play in the final seconds of the quarter, picking off an attempted pass through his crease. Kelly then heaved the ball down toward Ghitelman’s goal, where the Atlanta goalie was enjoying a drink of water, totally unaware the ball was sailing into his net. His reaction was priceless. 

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To make matters worse, Major League Lacrosse awards two points for goals scored more than 16 yards away. Kelly’s goal was from 80 yards out. 

Ghitelman—who’s actually a really good goalie, having won a national championship with Virginia—ended up being pulled midway through the fourth quarter and the first-place Outlaws won 24–12. 

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