The Yankees are doing a 'dab cam' on the jumbotron. Ugh.

By Jimmy Traina
July 05, 2017

Forget, for a moment, offensive prices for tickets and concessions, and the fact that the Yankees built a moat in their new stadium to keep the average fan away from the highfalutin phonies who sit in the box seats.

When you get past those things and actually get in the ballpark and enjoy a game, the Yankees still manage to make the game day experience as painful as possible.

There is the brutal Cotton Eye Joe sing along.

There is an insufferable and tired, YMCA routine by the groundscrew.

There is a seventh-inning stretch that goes on forever because the Yankees insist on playing God Bless America before Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

And now, as if those things weren't enough, there are reports of a Yankee Stadium "Dab Cam."

Why? Just, why? Isn't the stupid Kiss Cam enough? Do we need another "cam."

Who knew when Cam Newton took the dab mainstream, it would lead to ths?

In fairness to the Yankees, the postgame playing of New York, New York by Frank Sinatra after each game is one of the best traditions in sports and should never go away.

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