Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead's dog returned safely

Give it back, you horrid monster.
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Today's entry in "The world is a horrible place full of horrible people" comes courtesy Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead, who took to Instagram late last night to share a terribly sad and enraging story: His dog has been kidnapped.


Whitehead, who was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Florida Atlantic back in 2015, has owned the appropriately named Blitz since May; here he is looking adorable in a Cowboys jersey, and here he is tottering about in some kind of Batman outfit. But according to Whitehead's most recent Instagram post, Blitz was stolen from his house a week ago, and since then, the apparent dognapper has been calling and demanding ransom in exchange for the poor pup.

Anyone with any info about Whitehead's dog is encouraged to reach out to him, but I'll just say this: Whoever stole Blitz is a damn monster. Give the dog back, you soulless creep.

UPDATE: Whitehead’s dog has been found.

The details are a little sketchy but it looks like whoever stole the dog then sold it to a Dallas-area rapper named Boogotti Kasino. Kasino posted a video with Blitz (the language is about as NSFW as possible) later Monday night saying he wanted Whitehead to pay him $20,000 to get the dog back. Kasino then tweeted that he just wanted to get back the money that he spent for the dog.

Whitehead and Blitz were reunited soon after.