Robbie Ray and Sal Romano make for some sitcom fun.

By Jon Tayler
July 17, 2017

Remember "Everybody Loves Raymond"? The long-running CBS sitcom was a hit with viewers and critics, nabbing 15 Emmys across nine seasons, and even briefly made a household name out of lead star Ray Romano, who portrayed the titular character, an affable slob and everyman with a wife far too attractive for him, a goofy sitcom brother straight out of central casting, and George Costanza's parents. It didn't leave much of a cultural impact, being a 2000s network sitcom and all, but it's still got some name value and staying power; even right now, at this very moment, there's a rerun playing on some local channel, beaming its laugh track-heavy shenanigans into someone's eyeballs.

Not everybody loved Raymond, and most people have probably forgotten about him and his hijinks by now, but he was briefly vaulted back into the internet consciousness thanks to Tuesday's pitching matchup of the Diamondbacks' Robbie Ray and the Reds' Sal Romano.

Computer, enhance.

There you have it: "Ray Romano." It's a silly giggle, but hey, it's Monday; take what you can get.

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