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Evan Longoria Is Like So Many 'Game of Thrones' Fans on Mondays

Evan Longoria has a 'no spoilers' message for his teammates.

Like millions of others, Evan Longoria is a big Game of Thrones fans and can't get enough of the HBO smash hit that returned for Season 7 last Sunday.

Unfortunately for the Rays third baseman, he has not watched last night's episode yet. He told that after yesterday's Rays game, his family went out to dinner and by the time they got home and his kids fell asleep, he and his wife were too tired to consume the latest GoT

Any viewer of a popular episodic television show knows the anxiety and stress that takes over your life as you avoid spoilers so you can go in fresh.

Longoria is no different, and he's taking precautions so that his Tampa Bay teammates don't ruin the episode for him.

Longoria said his plan is to watch the episode after tonight's game. We wish him well in avoiding spoilers.