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LaVar Ball Says He'd Beat LeBron and Jordan In A Two-On-Two Game With LaMelo

LaVar Ball believes that he would beat LeBron James and Michael Jordan in a two-on-two game with his son. He is wrong.

Before Wednesday night's AAU game in Las Vegas between Big Baller and SC Supreme, Ball took a moment to field a LeBron James question from Overtime. Ball was asked "You and Melo vs. LeBron and Jordan. Who ya got?" Unsurpisingly, he chose the Balls.

"You already know I got me and 'Melo. Against LeBron and Jordan, anybody. Me and my son against anybody, we'll play and we'll beat."

What were you expecting him to say? He's not going to take the LeBron James and Michael Jordan answer, which is the correct answer. Ball is the ultimate hype machine and he knows exactly what he's doing with each of these jokes. He's holding firm on his stance that in his prime, he would've beaten Jordan one-on-one.

That same night he was asked about his 2K rating and said it would be "100," He also described himself as "the best coach ever."

We may need to start implementing a chyron​ at the bottom of these videos to fact check when he's wrong.