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Photos: NFL Players Are Wearing Some Pretty Weird Stuff to Training Camp

Summer is the time to get adventurous with your outfit choices, I guess. 

NFL training camp season is in full swing—by July 29 every team will have reported—which means we're going to hear a lot about players who do not show up to camp. 

Those who do report often have a little fun with it. Players are generally looser in the preseason—whether in interviews or fashion choices—before the grind of the regular season starts, when players don't want to be the dreaded distraction to the team. (Shout out to Clinton Portis, who said screw "distractions" and became the in-season costume GOAT). 

Bears QB Glennon unfazed with Trubisky lurking in background

Here are some of our favorite fashion choices from these dog days of July. 

Cam Newton goes with the fedora, white tee and boxer brief/shorts look

"Kung Fu" Gerald McCoy

Demaryius Thomas wears socks with a picture of...wait for it...Demaryius Thomas

Odell Beckham Jr. Says He Wants to Be Highest-Paid NFL Player

Bald guy Lane Johnson shows up to Eagles camp with a beach blonde mullet

Suited Antonio Brown rolls up in a chauffeured Rolls-Royce 

Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman goes with the rock-solid leather vest/jorts combo

It won't be long until we get to see these fashion kings in action: the Hall of Fame game, which marks the return of NFL football, is on Aug. 3.