When NFL players want to cite a bad QB, they always go to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

By Jimmy Traina
August 03, 2017

No one will mistake Ryan Fitzpatrick for Joe Montana, but he has somehow become the poster boy for terrible quarterbacks that still have a job in the National Football League.

In the past month, two current players and one former player have mentioned Fitzpatrick, who signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Bucs in May, when making their case about bad QBs still getting a paycheck. We'll go in reverse order.

On Wednesday, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman weighed in Colin Kaepernick getting blackballed by NFL owners with this quote: "Now if you told me this guy threw eight pick-sixes last year and played like a bum, had no talent, that’s one thing. But Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett or whoever is playing for the Jets right now – whoever is starting for the Jets is terrible – have jobs."

Two weeks ago, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall also opined on Kaepernick being unemployed, saying: "I watch people on Twitter say, ‘Colin’s not good, he’s not a good NFL quarterback.' But what about the Geno Smiths of the world and Ryan Fitzpatricks, and all those guys? I’m like, if Kaep’s not good, then what are these guys? These guys are getting signed. You know, the Matt Barkleys and all that stuff. So that’s very shocking to me.”

Last month, Vince Young, who hasn't been in the league since 2011, basically told Sports Illustrated he thinks he's better than Fitzpatrick: “I’d see a quarterback and be like, Dude is garbage, and I’m over here in the kitchen cooking turkey necks!? ... I hate to name-drop, but [Ryan] Fitzpatrick is still playing!? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still f------ getting paid? I mean, what the f--- is going on?”

Poor Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sure he's had his struggles and threw 17 interceptions and 12 touchdowns last season with the Jets and is the subject of harsh YouTube videos.

But this does seem like piling on. I mean, Dan Orlovsky is still in the league.

Stop bullying Ryan Fitzpatrick!

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