Eva Marie and the WWE have officially ended their contractual relationship.

By Jimmy Traina
August 04, 2017

Nobody in the WWE outside of Roman Reigns had "heat" like Eva Marie, but now the superstar is gone from the company.

The WWE issued a statement Friday, saying, "Eva Marie and WWE have mutually agreed to contractually part ways as of today, Aug. 4, 2017. 

Eva took to Twitter to say more of the same.

We know Eva Marie had her struggles in the ring, but you can't deny that she drew a major crowd reaction. Her last gimmick, which took place a year ago at this time, where she would show up for a match, but then not wrestle for some ridiculous reason, was over big.


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There was the time should had to bail because she had a "wardrobe malfucntion."

Then she missed a match because she was "delayed in traffic."

Oh, and there was the time she "pulled a hamstring" right before a bout.

The crowd ate this stuff up. It seemed like the WWE could've milked this angle for a long time. But she was quickly off television and never to be seen again.


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