Poor Blake Griffin got no peace on his flight thanks to Chandler Parsons' antics.

By Jimmy Traina
August 10, 2017

With all the money Blake Griffin makes, the next time he flies with Chandler Parsons, the Clippers star should just buy a whole row of seats for himself so he has some peace and quiet.

Sure, this looks staged, but Parsons pulled out every trick in the book to annoy Griffin during a flight on Thursday. 

There was the lean-over-the-seat-and-open-the-window move. 

There was the take-all-the-pamphlets-from-the-seat-and-throw-them-on-the-floor move.

There was the slap-Blake's-iPhone-from-his-hand-move.

There was the take-your-smelly-sneakers-off-and-put-them-next-to-Blake move.

And finally, the dip-your-hand-in-Blake's-water-and-rub-it-on-him move.

Parsons is very lucky he wasn't flying Delta.

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