To me, that's preposterous. Video game hot takes, things of that nature.

By Jon Tayler
August 10, 2017

Today in "Things No One Asked For But Will Be Getting Anyway": EA Sports' "NBA Live 18" will feature ESPN sports-shouting show First Take in it to provide tailored hot takes and debate about your virtual player's existence. And that means that it will officially be impossible to escape Stephen A. Smith even in a completely make-believe realm.

Yes, for reasons no one at all understands, this year's edition of NBA Live will feature Smith and First Take co-host Max Kellerman dishing on all the happenings in the game's Career Mode. In other words, your created player—the one you built and who is, in essence, your virtual avatar—will be subject to the same pointless, hypocritical and downright bizarre rants, word salads and takes that Stephen A. unleashes about real NBA stars every single day on ESPN.

Hopefully these segments can be skipped, and hopefully the game's designers found a way to recreate this moment in virtual reality.

"NBA Live 18" (featuring cover boy James Harden) and Stephen A. Smith's yawps from the void will be available for purchase this December.

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