Kyrie Irving's trade demand is the subject of parody set to Eminem's ‘Stan.’

By Jimmy Traina
August 16, 2017

Everyone is tired of the LeBron James-Kyrie Irving saga, but we have a very good piece of Internetting that we must share with you.

A very smart and creative individual remade Eminem's 2000 hit, “Stan” and turned it into an explainer of the fractured Kyrie Irving-LeBron James relationship.

A sampling of the opening lyrics:

LeBron is mad, I'm wondering why
I asked for a trade at all
I scored 40 in the Finals
But I can't please LeBron
And even if I could, I'm not Chris Paul
With the picture on a boat.

The song only gets better from there with a solid mentioning of LeBron's habit of using social media to send messages.


We urge the creator of the video to take a bow. Well done.

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