This one portrays UEFA as a pig. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 17, 2017

Legia Warsaw's fans are some of the most passionate and outspoken soccer fans in the world. On Aug. 2, fans of the Polish side commemorated the 73rd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising with a striking tifo that depicted a Nazi officer holding a gun to a boy's head. 

Notice that the tifo names "Germans" as the perpetrators, not "Nazis." 

That stunning display prompted UEFA to fine the club €35,000. Now, as evidenced by the Nazi tifo, it is not in this fanbase's blood to back down from anyone or anything. So they stuck it to FIFA by bringing another wild tifo to its Europa League qualifying game against Sheriff Tiraspol (which finished in a 1-1 draw).

They're just begging for another fine—I love it. 

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