‘Don’t be a Kevin Durant,’ they said.

By Jeremy Woo
August 18, 2017

With the advent of NBA champion Kevin Durant has come the rebirth of reckless Twitter-user Kevin Durant, and we are all better off for it.

The below handout surfaced online, supposedly from a teacher trying to look clever for his or her students on the first day of class with some nifty NBA references. Cool! I mean...

Anyway, Durant caught wind of this after SB Nation tweeted it out. And to be fair, it is one hatin’-ass handout.

You could also contend that your child shot not be a Michael Jordan known not only as a six-time NBA champion but also as a notoriously competitive and occasionally standoffish person who also did greater things than liberating the Looney Tunes from an alien race.

And you could also point out to your students that...winning is more fun with your friends.

Let’s try this again. Don’t be a...Ron Artest. Do be a...Metta World Peace.


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