LeBron Reacts to Kyrie Trade By Retweeting Video Thanking Irving

The video initially looked like it was going a more fiery direction. 
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LeBron James reacted to the Cavs' trade of Kyrie Irving with a retweet of a video thanking Irving for his tenure with Cleveland. 

When a star player leaves a team—whether in free agency or, in this case, a trade he requested—fans commonly burn the player's jersey. This video initially looked like exactly that was about to happen, as it opens with a close-up with the jersey and the caption is "Ok Cavs fans you know what to do."  Then, a note that reads "Thank U So Much" is gently placed on the jersey.  

"That's the only way to be to the kid!," James wrote along with the retweet. "Speical talent/guy! Nothing but respect and what a ride it was our 3 years together Young Gode #Filayy"