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John Cena and Roman Reigns Set to Face Off for the First Time Ever

John Cena. Roman Reigns. One-on-one for the first time ever. 

WWE fans always complain that pay-per-views have lost their luster now there’s one every month. Well, the main event at September’s “No Mercy” should stop those complaints. 

On Sept. 24, John Cena and Roman Reigns will meet in the ring one-on-one for the first time ever. They’ve been on opposite sides of tag matches and Fatal 4-Ways but never faced off in a singles match. 

Cena made a surprise move to Raw last week after SummerSlam and joined with Reigns in a tag-team match against The Miz and Samoa Joe. Cena ended up on the receiving end of Reigns’s Superman punch in that match (he was trying to hit Samoa Joe as Joe had Cena in the Coquina Clutch). Cena sold a jaw injury after pinning The Miz and gave Roman a side-eye as the referee raised their hands. 

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Cena and Reigns made the match official Monday night on Raw in a segment for the ages. 

“A cheap-ass corporately created John Cena bootleg” is a line for the ages.