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Michael Phelps (Jokingly?) Suggests a Race Against Conor McGregor

Should this happen? This probably shouldn't happen. But should it happen?

I'm 99.999999999999999999999% sure that Michael Phelps is joking when he suggests a race against would-be boxer Conor McGregor. But given that the gazillion-time Olympic gold medalist just came off racing a Great White shark (well, sort of), maybe he isn't?

Okay, he probably is. But would you watch this race? Trick question: Given that approximately 10 million people tuned in to watch McGregor slowly lose steam and then get punched in the head repeatedly by Floyd Mayweather, you can bet that at least that many would watch McGregor flail about in the water against arguably the greatest swimmer in modern sports history. We are a trainwreck society, and this is the spectacle we crave.

(Note: If this somehow actually does happen, then I request it be called "The Slaughter in the Water." Thank you.)

Also, shouts to Phelps for going to the trouble of Photoshopping a swimmer's cap onto McGregor. Nice touch.

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