Watch: Young Nationals Fan Prefers Easily Solving a Rubik's Cube to Live Baseball

Pace of play definitely isn't an issue with this kid's Rubik's Cube technique.
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I get it: Baseball is a boring game sometimes. There's a lot of empty space. There's time to kill between innings. Pitchers take forever between pitches. I understand if you need some entertainment to get you through the dead periods. But if you're going to bring something to do, maybe you should make sure it's something that'll last more than 15 seconds? That's not the case for this young Nationals fan, who whiled away those nothing moments by completely wrecking a Rubik's Cube on a speed run.

Someday, young one, you'll come to appreciate all those free minutes when you don't have to do anything. Until then, you may want to consider investing in something a little more time consuming than a Rubik's Cube.