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Some Fans Snuck Past Security to Get Ringside for Mayweather-McGregor

Well that's one way to watch the fight.

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor produced as much hype as it possibly could, but it couldn't sell out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Because of this, it allowed one fan to sneak into the fight and get ringside while another was able to upgrade his seats from the upper deck to the the floor.

Oliver Regis, a 32-year-old British bartender had purchased a ticket to the fight for $2,500 that had him sitting sitting up in the nosebleeds, but he ended up watching the fight with a much better view, according to The Sun. Regis was able to get ringside where he ended up in seats worth $25,000, according to The Sun, and they also had some A-list company for him to enjoy.

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He was able to make his move to the floor by walking down with Mayweather's security, which allowed him to post up in the third row right by LeBron James and Mike Tyson before eventually sliding back to the 10th row to watch the fight, according to The Sun.

But while Regis was able to upgrade his tickets for free, an Irish fan got just as good a view without paying a penny.

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Brian Grace, 19, didn't have a ticket for the fight, but his friends did, according to So, the teenager decided to sneak into the arena.

He was able to blend in with McGregor's extended family to get past the first set of security, which was a metal detector and security dogs, he told From there, Grace told that he grabbed a ladder he saw lying around to get in while avoiding the ticket check, and then meet up with his friends inside. After that, it was just a matter of finding the perfect front row seats so the trio could sit together.

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"We asked around and someone said that those seats were going for $80,000 each, so we waiting for security to leave the area and we just went for it," he told

To add to his wild night, Grace told that he and his friends also snuck into the back where they were able to meet Wesley Snipes and Gerard Butler.

Sneaking into sporting events and moving seats are both prohibited at venues and can lead to being removed from the event, but you got to appreciate these guys taking such a risk to snag some of the best seats in the building.