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The Young Bucks on Adam Cole Joining WWE, The Revival and Teaming Up With Hulk Hogan

Nick Jackson on Hulk Hogan: "I’d love to have him walk us down the aisle at the Tokyo Dome while the three of us play air guitar. That would be a dream come true."

The Young Bucks announced that WWE has superkicked them square in the jaw with a cease and desist order preventing their use of DX’s iconic “Suck it!” phrase.

Showcasing his ability to expand on two-word phrases, the elder statesmen of the Bucks, older brother Matt Jackson, shared his reply.

“They’re bringing people back from the dead,” said Jackson, referring to the arrival of Adam Cole in NXT. “They’re sending out cease and desists written on toilet paper. And now they’ve taken our dear friend Hangman [Adam Page]. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it felt like they were trying to go to war with us.”

In addition to being one of the most elite tag teams in the world, the Bucks are also firmly entrenched as a key to the success of Bullet Club. Part of their role as the old guard of Bullet Club is keeping track of members who were, at one point, cast away, with the most recent being newest NXT star Adam Cole.

The Bucks had boasted for months on their wildly popular YouTube show, Being The Elite, that they had poisoned and killed off the Adam Cole character.

“The WWE apparently can bring people back from the dead,” said Nick Jackson. “That shocked me to my core. I’m very happy for the ghost of Adam Cole though. I hope he makes millions of dollars one day.”

Cole re-emerged from the abyss at the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, and Matt Jackson also recoiled upon seeing a ghost.

“I still can’t believe what I saw,” said Matt. “Fortunately, we caught our reaction to his debut on Being The Elite. Let’s just say, WWE can truly do whatever they want. They have more power than people realize.”

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After wrestling last weekend for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, the Bucks have set their focus on Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor pay per view where they will defend the ROH tag team titles against the Motor City Machine Guns. They will also put their ROH Six Man titles with Adam “Hangman” Page on the line, although Page is “missing” on the Being The Elite series in a play-off that he may sign with WWE, yet he should re-emerge in time to wrestle the winner of The Kingdom-Briscoes/Bully Ray encounter.

“The Motor City Machine Guns are probably our greatest rivals ever,” said Matt. “And we look forward to putting these Six Man Titles on the map. Those titles belong to Bullet Club, and we plan to defend them ‘Free Bird Style’. Hangman Page is a young stud who just gets it. He’ll be the talked-about wrestler soon. We have big plans to help with that.”

“Adam Page is so talented and I believe he’s very underrated,” added Nick. “2018 is going to be his year.”

Some of the best work the Bucks have ever produced are tag matches with the perpetually underrated reDRagon. Both Nick and Matt are excited to see Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly working at NXT in a high-profile position with Adam Cole.

“I’m very happy for reDRagon,” said Nick. “Those guys are so good as a team and I think teaming up with Adam will help the three of them become very comfortable in a WWE setting quickly because they’re really close friends.”

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“Bobby and Kyle brought something special out of us,” continued Matt. “We became a better team because of the awesome bouts with them. When conversation comes up about our greatest matches, many of those matches we had with Bobby and Kyle are talked about. Also, they’re two great dudes who I love in real life. I hope nothing but the best for them. They deserve all the success in the world. Seeing them stand tall with that zombie was surreal.”

On the subject of tag teams, The Revival is again on hiatus in WWE after an arm injury to Scott Dawson. The Bucks were asked if that injury was karma for taunting the Bucks on social media.

“I don’t wish injury upon anyone, especially guys trying to provide for their families,” said Matt. “I also love when other teams are creating buzz and making headlines. It makes us strive to be better. But, with all that said, #FTR.”

Nick noted that his dream matches include The New Day and The Revival.

“I’d actually love to wrestle them one day as a ‘dream match,’” said Nick. “I feel bad for The Revival. I want them to stay healthy and kill it on a huge stage. They deserve a healthy run.”

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, New Japan star Tetsuya Naito stated, “Bullet Club? What happened to them? What happened to the energy they used to have? There’s a lot of great individual wrestlers in there, but look at them as a unit, and I don’t see any appeal whatsoever.”

Nick Jackson explained that such blatant disrespect toward Bullet Club will cause problems for Naito’s Los Ingobernables de Japon.

“It’s funny Naito says there’s no appeal,” said Nick. “We’ve sold more t-shirts this year as a unit than any year the club has been together. So obviously the appeal is still there and stronger than ever.”

Matt Jackson shared his brother’s amusement that Naito would openly disregard Bullet Club’s success.

“I also find that funny, coming from a guy who leads a group with a name that half the world can’t even pronounce,” said Matt. “Also, a group that pretty much has no clout in the world besides Japan, filled with job guys. We’re the biggest stable in the last ten years, easy. Talk to us in a few years and we’ll see if Los Ingovndksoxcadj is even still around.”

Despite his loss to Naito in the finals of the G1 Climax, the Bucks agreed that there is not a better singles wrestler in the world than Kenny Omega, who finally defeated Kazuchika Okada in August.

“Kenny is the best and has been the best for years,” said Matt. “I stood ringside for many big matches and nobody touches Kenny. He’s on another planet right now.”

“Kenny has proved to the world he’s the best singles wrestler this year,” shared Nick. “But he’s been the best for a very long time so at least now the whole world knows it. Okada is right up there in talking about the best. He’s had big matches every month for the last few years and he’s delivered every time.”

As New Japan slowly begins its build to Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4 at the Tokyo Dome, the Bucks shared that Bullet Club would welcome an appearance from “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan with open arms.

“I’d love to welcome Hulk in,” said Matt. “He’s honestly my favorite wrestler of all time, so working with him in any capacity would be fun.”

“I’d love to have him walk us down the aisle at the Tokyo Dome while the three of us play air guitar,” added Nick. “That would be a dream come true.”

The Bucks have already created a worldwide name for themselves without the benefit of working for wrestling-juggernaut WWE. As for what comes next, the Bucks have designs on further expansion, both on social media, as well as in and out of the ring.

“We want to keep growing our brand,” said Nick. “And our goal is to make Being The Elite the best professional wrestling content in wrestling.”

“Blow up our YouTube series Being The Elite even more,” agreed Matt. “Make our cast of characters more well-known and over with the viewers, and to continue to spread the message of believing in yourself and investing in yourself. We truly hold the power to go as far as we choose. Your success doesn’t depend on what others, or even one individual thinks about you - it’s up to you. Also, we are here to teach those suffering mental illnesses, there is help out there, and you are not alone. Look for help. Spread the message of love and not hate.”

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