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Traina Thoughts: The Good, Bad And Ugly From ESPN's Monday Night Football Broadcast Booth

After bizarre sideline report, Sergio Dipp laid it on thick with hotel video.

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1. A few thoughts on ESPN's broadcast of Chargers-Broncos last night. Beth Mowins was fine handling play-by-play duties. Unfortunately, she was saddled with an inexperienced analyst who was not ready for the big stage. Rex Ryan, who will be in ESPN's studio for the rest of the season, was totally out of his league calling a game. He often stuttered, constantly said "um," and basically told you exactly what just happened on a play and offered no insight or original analysis. He also had no energy and sounded like it was a chore for him to call the game.

And then there was Sergio Dipp. The sideline reporter battled with Ted Cruz for Twitter supremacy after his now famous sideline report.

I was in Dipp's corner after this, I swear. I felt bad for the guy and was hoping Twitter could laugh with him and not at him. Clearly the guy was nervous and at the end of the day, it's just a sideline report. And Twitter did seem to have a good time with the whole thing.

However, good old Sergio made this video early this morning to explain what the past several hours had been like for him and he totally lost me.

Dramatic much? Memo to Sergio: You are working in sports television. You are not curing cancer or solving world problem. You gotta lighten up, buddy. Twitter wanted to love you. That's a rarity. Embrace that and skip the self-important, gut-wrenching videos.

2. I told you yesterday (and early Sunday on Twitter) that Tony Romo was great calling Sunday's Raiders-Titans game. How great was he? Just sit back, watch this video and prepared to be left in awe.

3. The Indians are finally starting to get some attention for their insane 19-game winning streak.

Here's how a psychic gambler could've cashed in on Cleveland's torrid stretch.

4. Todd Fraizer hit a three-run home run for the Yankees last night, which gave them a 5-1 lead over the Rays. Cameras then caught his fantastic reaction from a Tampa fan.

5. Yankees pitcher Luis Severino is afraid of a praying mantis.

6. Larry David was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. As usual, he was hilarious.

7. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Back in 1992, the WWF gave us a Ric Flair-Randy Savage feud with the crux of the storyline being that Flair was with Elizabeth before Savage. Here's Flair taunting Savage about that as only he could.