Traina Thoughts: ESPN Just Can't Quit LaVar Ball

ESPN talent begged ESPN to cut the LaVar Ball coverage, but to no avail.
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1. Despite pleas from their own talent, ESPN doesn't look like it will give up its LaVar Ball addiction. With Lonzo making his Lakers debut last night, ESPN was more than happy to stick a microphone in front of LaVar's face after his son's team got spanked by the Clippers, 108-92, and let him spew nonsense and lies all over the place. 

Yup, after Lonzo scored three point on 1-of-6 shooting while grabbing nine rebounds and recording four assists, ESPN made sure to give his blowhard father a platform.

What made this interesting to see is that it was just months ago when several big-named ESPN staffers mocked the network for always using LaVar for ratings.

Hopefully Bilas, Van Pelt, Herbstreit and Nowkhah realize the World Wide Leaders is going to shove LaVar down everyone's throat more, not less, now that Lonzo is in the NBA playing for one of the marquee teams.

2. This is just a sad photo. Bummer for the league and fans that Aaron Rodgers is done.

3. Pretty great stuff here from Dodgers play-by-play man Joe Davis, who tweeted this about Kike Hernandez during Thursday's NLCS-clinching game against the Cubs.

The best part about this is that Hernandez wasn't done and it a third homer.

Actually, I stand corrected. This was the best part about Hernandez's night.

4. Solid recovery by Canucks defenseman Michael Del Zotto last night. He tried to play a harmless prank on a little boy, which did not go as expected when the kid got upset.

However, Del Zotto, who clearly felt bad about what happened, made it up to the boy with a puck and a high five and the story had a happy ending.

5. Tony Romo is still predicting things with dead-on accuracy.

6. Awesomp SI photo here of Blake Griffin showing off in front of his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner last night by destroying Julius Randle.

7. This week's Off The Board podcast features interviews with Erin Andrews and Jimmy Kimmel. Andrews discusses everything from getting botox to dealing with online hate to having Larry David at her wedding, while Kimmel talks about reaction to his recent newsmaking monologues, why football in L.A. doesn't work and whether he'd have O.J. Simpson on his show as a guest. You can listen to the interviews below or on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mick Foley recently spoke to's Maggie Gray about what he's done to his body over the years.

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BONUS ITEM: The 49ers last five losses have been by the following amounts: 3, 2, 3, 3, 2. Take the 6 points with San Francisco at home against Dallas on Sunday.