Interesting decision by parents to let their kids trick-or-treat at the ***alleged*** murderer's house. 

By Daniel Rapaport
November 01, 2017

O.J. Simpson was out of jail for Halloween for the first time since 2008—he was released on Oct. 1 after serving just under nine years—so his costume game is understandably rusty. When you're famous and your costume game is rusty, you have the luxury of dressing up as yourself, which is exactly what the ***alleged*** double murderer did. 

Simpson is rocking a Bills #32 jersey, which is the one he sported during his eight-year stint in Buffalo, which included an MVP award in 1973.

It's a lazy costume, sure, but the more noteworthy takeaway here is that there were actual children trick-or-treating at Simpson's Vegas-area home! 

I guess time really does heal all. 

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