Traina Thoughts: NFL Ratings Continue To Drop

Week 12 NFL ratings saw major declines across the board.
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1. The NFL ratings news has not been great this season, and it got a lot worse in Week 12. All three games on Thanksgiving saw a big drop in viewership. Dish Network did not carry the Chargers-Cowboys game, but it probably wouldn't have mattered if they did, because the ratings were down across the board on Turkey Day.

Sunday didn't fare much better, with the afternoon games taking a ratings dip. It's no coincidence that Packers-Steelers was up at night since that game was close throughout and went down the wire.

Last night's ESPN game featuring two unattractive teams in the Texans and Ravens also took a dive.

I wrote last week that this has been a horrible NFL season on the field. Week 12 continued that trend with the Saints-Rams game being the only competitive contest of the day that featured two winning teams. 

Obviously, the league has had a bunch of issues off the field and the President of the United States repeatedly fanning those flames. Add in people cutting the cord and you have the perfect storm that the league is dealing with right now when it comes to ratings.

Of course, when you put things in perspective, the reality is that despite the drop in ratings, the NFL is still King when it comes to TV.

2. With favorites on fire in the NFL, Vegas suffered another rough week.

3. We all know Gregg Popovich isn't a big fan of the refs, but he was extra salty last night.

4. Blake Griffin suffered what looked like a serious knee injury during Sunday night's game against the Lakers, so everyone on Twitter put the blame on Griffin's girlfriend.

5.Mike Francesa, who has less than three weeks remaining in his WFAN career, went off yesterday about touchdown celebrations, because God forbid players have fun and fans get some entertainment mixed in with their football.

6.This video that TMZ dug up of a Georgia Tech football player knocking out his teammate during a locker room fight before the season is quite disturbing. It's also ridiculous that the players reportedly did not miss any action as a disciplinary measure, yet Baker Mayfield had to sit out a few players because of a harmless crotch grab.

7. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: My good friend Andrew Perloff of The Dan Patrick Show requested this all-time classic video of Roddy Piper cracking a coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head.

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BONUS ITEM: Lane Kiffin has been a great follow on Twitter this week.