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These Are the Top 10 Highest-Grossing Sports Movies

The secret to a sports hit at the box office is... Adam Sandler?

The secret to a sports hit at the box office is... Adam Sandler?

The folks at recently took a deep dive into movie sales data to find the most popular films since 1980 and which ones offered studios the most bang for their buck in terms of return on investment. 

Among sports movies, The Blind Side, the biographical film about former Ole Miss and NFL lineman Michael Oher, earned the most at the box office. Dramas dominate the list, but there are also a few comedies—two starring Adam Sandler and one with Will Ferrell. 

Highest grossing sports films

1. The Blind Side: $256million

2. The Waterboy: $162million

3. The Longest Yard (2005): $158million

4. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: $148million

5. Rocky IV: $128million

6. Rocky III: $124million

7. Seabiscuit: $120million

8. Blades of Glory: $119million

9. Remember the Titans: $116million

10. Unbroken: $115million

Comedies fared better in terms of ROI, though the 1981 British drama Chariots of Fire topped the list. 

Most box office dollars per dollar of budget

1. Chariots of Fire: $8.70

2. Kickboxer: $7.80

3. The Blind Side: $6.80

4. Back to School: $6.30

5. The Waterboy: $6.10

6. Rocky III: $5.30

7. Bull Durham: $5.30

8. Caddyshack: $4.60

9. Bring it On: $4.20

10. Dodgeball: $3.70

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