Watch all the Super Bowl LI commercials that have been released before the big game.

Many Super Bowl ads are released before the broadcast. Watch them all here. 

By Extra Mustard
February 01, 2017

For many, the Super Bowl's commercials are just as important as the game itself. The Super Bowl is a golden opportunity for marketers to reach more than 100 million Americans (112 million tuned in last year). That exposure doesn't come cheap—a 30-second advertisement for this year's game is reportedly going for more than $5 million

When the Falcons face the Patriots at NRG Stadium on Sunday, millions will watch. But some will watch more for the commercials than the actual football. And some companies are releasing their commercials in the days leading up to the game. 

Watch every commercial that has been released below.

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Audi: "Daughter"

Bud Light: "Between Friends"

Bud Light: "Ghost Spuds"

Budweiser: "Born The Hard Way"


Buffalo Wild Wings: "MARIONETTE ft. Brett Favre"



​Febreze: "Halftime Bathroom Break"

Ford: "Go Further"



Intel: "Brady Every Day"


King's Hawaiian: "False Cabinet"

KFC: "Colonel vs. Colonel"

Lexus: "Man and Machine"

LIFEWTR: "Inspiration Drops"

Mercedes: "Easy Driver"

Michelob Ultra: "Our Bar"


Mr. Clean: Cleaner of Your Dreams

NFL: "Super Bowl Babies"

Nintendo: "Switch"

Skittles: "Romance"

Sprint: "Car"


Squarespace: "John Malkovich"

T-Mobile: "Unlimited Moves"

Tide: "Gronk's Cleaners Discount"

Wendy's: "Cold Storage"



The Falcons will face the Patriots in Super Bowl LI on Sunday. 

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